Over the last years there’s been a growing interest in Israeli music in the world. Many Israeli singers & bands are succeeding outside Israel; the audiences vary from Jewish communities & Israelis in the Diaspora who have great interest in Israeli music, to complete mainstream public.

Oleh! Records is a fully independent apolitical/non religious, registered & recognized non-for-profit record label based in Israel. The core mandate of Oleh! is to nurture Israeli independent musicians, giving them access and tools of knowledge to succeed in the music industry globally; Oleh! acts as a conduit to connect Diaspora youth to Israel using music as a vehicle to make Israel more relevant to young people, and of course we are a brand, exposing mainstream audiences worldwide to Israel through a culture of art & music.

In the showcase event held in Florentine neighborhood, Tel-Aviv on April 3rd featured almost the entire Oleh! Records list of artists, and included a long guest list of VIP’s including the music industry at large, Representatives from the Israeli Foreign Ministry, and various Embassies, Foundations, Diaspora Agencies, and Cultural Representatives; but most importantly the musician community and true fans of alternative and independent Israeli music.

Oleh! Records

This evening is about the independent/alternative and mainstream music scene coming together, with out boundaries, to celebrate progress, to learn a little more about what Oleh! Records does, and to rock out to some great bands’ that are making serious progress abroad.

Jeremy Hulsh, Executive Director of Oleh! Records

Oleh! Records founder and Executive Director Jeremy Hulsh (29), experienced in the American music industry where he worked for Sony Records and Columbia Records, made his Aliya few years ago.

Among the artists listed in Oleh! Records we can count: Coolooloosh, Karolina, The Midnight Peacocks, Shy Nobleman, The Kugis and Mad Bliss.

For more info check out Oleh! Records website.

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