The “Agmon HaHula” Tourism Complex is located at the center of the Hula Valley and is considered one of the world’s most significant centers for bird watching and ornithology. At the center, one can observe and follow migrating flocks of birds and other animals according to the seasons. At the heart of the complex is a magical lake in which one can experience nature “up close and personal”.

A Combination of Wild Nature and Tourist Attractions

Bicycle Tours – within the confines of the park it is possible to rent mountain bikes adapted to all ages, two-seaters and family bicycles to tour the fascinating scenery of “Agmon HaHula”. There are two routes for your touring pleasure. One is a shorter 6 Km route, while the other is a longer 10.5 Km route.

Golf Carts – you may also tour the park in a self-driven electric golf cart along the magical paths of “Agmon HaHula”. All paths are suited for both couples and families.

“Safari Wagon” – take a fascinating hour-long tour among thousands of migrating cranes in a camouflaged “safari wagon” for a once in a lifetime experience (the crane season is from October-April).

In the entrance hall you can enjoy the service of a cafeteria, gift shop and audiovisual short film.

Guided tours: Night safari, sunset, sunrise.

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