Over the past 60 years, thanks to efficient water management and intensive R&D, Israel has been successfully overcoming water scarcity. This led to the development of many companies that introduced innovative water technology products.

Did you know for example that Israel, with a 75% water recycling rate, is the world’s #1 water recycler while the second largest water recycler is Spain with a rate of 12%.

Today, Israel continues to develop innovative water technologies and the Israeli government motivate these Israeli water-technology companies by helping them market all their products & services to the world in order to position Israel as the leading provider of advanced solution for the global water market.

Israel NEWTechIsraelNEWTech – Novel Efficient Water Technologies is a national program promoting the Israeli water technology sector. Israel NEWTech builds upon Israel’s experience in coping with water scarcity problems, incorporating all the separate industry elements in order to advance the sector at an international level. The Israeli government, recognizing the Israeli potential to be a leader in the growing international water technologies market, heavily invested in the program and has allocated substantial resources towards strengthening the foundation of water tech cluster and the promotion of its capabilities worldwide.

The Israeli water market is already internationally conceived as highly developed, benefiting from the several years of experience in managing scarce water resources, while the national industry is widely regarded as a nexus of world-class expertise in the water field. The volume of Israeli water-related industrial export exceeds $800 million a year, mainly in the agricultural irrigation products sector, which numbers about 100 companies using a range of technologies.

WATEC Israel 2009, which will take place next month in Tel-Aviv, is an international professional exhibition that offers a meeting place for manufacturers, researches, investors, academics, purchasers and decision makers representing both local and international economy. Those invited to take part include Mayors, Heads of Municipalities, Rural Communities and Kibbutzim, Engineers and Technicians, Maintenance Managers, Consultants, Regulatory Bodies, Decision Makers, Project Developers, Safety Managers, Entrepreneurs and all other individuals and organizations dealing with the water technologies, the environment and alternative energy sources.

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