Yom Ha’atzmaut

Israel 60 LogoToday, Israel celebrates 60 years of independence.

This day will be marked with many events. Some traditional events held on Israel Independence Day are The International Bible Contest, Israel Prize, IDF Parade and other national ceremonies.

Moreover, many projects will take place throughout Israel’s 60th year and we’ll be here to let you know about them so stay tuned. Continue reading “Yom Ha’atzmaut”

Holocaust Memorial Day

Marking Holocaust Remembrance Day of 2008, 63 years after the end of WW2, Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority, uploaded some 130,000 of its photo archives to yadvashem.org. The photographs come from a variety of sources, including official archives, private collections, museums and various historic collections.The images include photographs taken in the ghettos, during the deportations, images that illustrate slave labor, the camps, liberation and more. These photographs represent an invaluable asset to historians, educators, writers, filmmakers and the public at large. Continue reading “Holocaust Memorial Day”

Music Made in Israel

Over the last years there’s been a growing interest in Israeli music in the world. Many Israeli singers & bands are succeeding outside Israel; the audiences vary from Jewish communities & Israelis in the Diaspora who have great interest in Israeli music, to complete mainstream public.

Oleh! Records is a fully independent apolitical/non religious, registered & recognized non-for-profit record label based in Israel. The core mandate of Oleh! is to nurture Israeli independent musicians, giving them access and tools of knowledge to succeed in the music industry globally; Oleh! acts as a conduit to connect Diaspora youth to Israel using music as a vehicle to make Israel more relevant to young people, and of course we are a brand, exposing mainstream audiences worldwide to Israel through a culture of art & music.

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