Rosh Hashana 5771

Here’s a video made specially for Rosh Hashana by the folks at G-dcast called “Shofar Callin'”; Storytelling by Prodezra Beats, A Chabad Baal T’shuva from Savannah, GA. Prodezra Beats, an independent artist, broke out big on the scene when he produced the track for “Change” with Y-Love & DeScribe, released on Shemspeed.

Shana Tova from Israel Radio website team – Have a happy, sweet new year 🙂

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Holocaust Remembrance Day 2009

Marking Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yad Vashem (the Holocaust martyrs’ and heroes’ remembrance authority in Israel) uploaded new material to their website.

A special new mini-site, including online exhibits, photos, video clips and educational material explore this year’s theme, Children in the Holocaust. Continue reading “Holocaust Remembrance Day 2009”

Tel Aviv’s 100th Birthday Celebration

April 2009 will mark the 100th anniversary of the city of Tel Aviv. Tel-Aviv (The official full name is “Tel-Aviv Yafo”), which was a small neighborhood founded by 66 families on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in 1909 is today the center of culture, economics and society in Israel. Continue reading “Tel Aviv’s 100th Birthday Celebration”

Maccabiah (18) Chai

18th (Chai) Maccabiah Games Logo

The 18th Maccabiah games will take place on July 12-23 , 2009.

The 18th Maccabiah is going to be the largest Maccabiah ever. About 5,000 Jewish athletes are supposed to arrive from abroad and they will join to 2,000 Israeli athletes, which will make the Maccabiah the world’s third largest sporting event after the Olympic games and the Universiada.

The J.L.TV network will broadcast for the first time the Maccabiah games live to the USA in a $500,000 estimated contract.
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Travel & Study With MASA Israel Journey

MASA IsraelWhile Taglit-Birthright Israel provides the first time 10-days-trip gift for young Jews from all over the world, there is a complementary program for those who seek for a little more. If you want to spend more time in Israel, volunteering & studying, there’s something for you – MASA. Continue reading “Travel & Study With MASA Israel Journey”

Israel’s NEWTech

Over the past 60 years, thanks to efficient water management and intensive R&D, Israel has been successfully overcoming water scarcity. This led to the development of many companies that introduced innovative water technology products.

Did you know for example that Israel, with a 75% water recycling rate, is the world’s #1 water recycler while the second largest water recycler is Spain with a rate of 12%.

Today, Israel continues to develop innovative water technologies and the Israeli government motivate these Israeli water-technology companies by helping them market all their products & services to the world in order to position Israel as the leading provider of advanced solution for the global water market. Continue reading “Israel’s NEWTech”

Jewish Social Action Month


Jewish Social Action Month (JSAM) is an initiative of KolDor, a global network of young Jewish activists operating around the world, the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel and to promote both social action and Jewish Peoplehood.

In just three years since its launch, JSAM has evoked a remarkable response. Political support has come from the Presidents of both Israel and the United States of America, British parliamentarians, US senators and congressmen, Israeli Knesset members and others.
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